About Rach B Blogs

I write about my journey to building my own growth mindset and looking for the positive things in life. It is so easy to sink into a negative state of mind which is hard to climb out of, I know as I’ve been there.

I am also on a mission to become fitter, not to run a marathon but to look after myself and my health. I have Fibromyalgia and a dodgy sacroiliac joint.

In August this year I got my ADHD diagnosis  which was no surprise, what it does though is help both myself and my family understand me a bit better with all my quirks.

I am very lucky to be an autism mum of two amazing daughter’s aged 11 and 16, a hubby of 7 years and a 2 year old dog. I may occasionally mention them or you may see the dog or my kids on IG.

I love cups of tea, milk chocolate, taking random photos from my Samsung camera phone and crystals.