My new adventure (again)

This feels a bit weird, setting up a new blog, thinking of new content or just things to write about generally. I am an old blogger from years ago, I have tried blogging on and off since then but I was trying to stick to a niche, do everything I was guided to do to be a blogger that got my blog noticed… how stressful it was I can’t even explain!

I joined in tons of linky’s, was in dozens of Facebook blogging groups, it completely took over my life. Sure I was gifted some amazing things like tickets to see Disney on Ice, Tickets to see the actors from Horrible Histories and I worked with Braun too. As much as I was ‘the best mum ever’, I spent so long taking photos of my kids and the events we went to, I lost the magic of just being present and enjoying these times with my kids.

This time I have no particular niche, my kids are older so they won’t be the center of my blog writing anymore. I will write about whatever I fancy and I will bloody enjoy doing it!

Here is to freedom writing!