Gratitude week of 18th October 2021

So I thought I would start writing a weekly gratitude list on my blog.

Gratitude is really important to me and my ongoing journey to a growth mindset and my mental health.

Some weeks it is all too easy to sink down into myself and only see the negative, it’s important to see the positives too, even if they are small.

  1. I am grateful for heating. Yes my bills have gone up but I am able to keep myself and my family warm.
  2. A shower, oh how I love to wash the day away (I love a shower before I get on my PJ’s).
  3. My job. At the moment work is tough. Post Covid has definitely impacted the children I support in School. In fact it has impacted both staff and children. We are all exhausted and ready for half term. However I am grateful for the job I have, this brings me nicely onto…
  4. A monthly wage. To pay my bills, treat my children and sometimes myself.
  5. Scooby-Doo, watching Scooby-Doo honestly makes my day, I just love it.
  6. Cups of tea. I seriously don’t think I could function without it.
  7. Chocolate, a serious weakness of mine! I need to get a grip lol!
  8. My family. They are my support network and my world.
  9. Scentsy. I do love a bit of Scentsy, I love that it makes my home smell nice without the fear of fire or smoke.
  10. My winter dressing gown. I got it out of my winter bag at the weekend and washed it (currently wearing it all snuggled up nice and cosy :))

What are you grateful for?