My February wellbeing goals 2018

| Rach's Monthly wellbeing goals

I think my wellbeing is very important to help aid my mental health, I like to keep track of my own personal thoughts and feelings. To listen to my body and take time to think about myself. Having two children myself and working I know how difficult this can be.

One thing I have started doing is making a list of goals that I would like to work on monthly. I don’t mean stats and followers, I mean personal goals.

January went alright, my hubby commented that I haven’t been moaning as much so that is a start in the right direction.

This month I want to tackle my indecisiveness. I have a terrible tendency to start something then suddenly decide it’s a bad idea and either stop it or change it.

  • No more acrylic nails. I love them but they are high maintenance and become costly.
  • Grow my hair. The amount of times I’ve decided to grow it just to get it cut again.
  • Stay positive at work. I really struggle with Maths, it’s my one weakness. Working in year 5 this year is really battering my confidence. My teacher is great as I often ask for help understand it but I feel so embarrassed and often useless in this particular area.
  • Embrace change, again a huge confidence thing. Social changes hits my anxieties plus I really want to get out of my comfort zone with the clothes I wear.
  • Love myself. Yep definitely need to work on this one!

Time to kick start changing my fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

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