About Rach B Blogs

Hi, I’m Rachel, the owner and creator of Rach B Blogs.

My blog is my place to off load my thoughts and feelings honestly and openly. I want to hopefully help other over 30’s mums to try and look after themselves. I have suffered on and off with both depression, OCD and social anxiety for many years which I manage through medication and keeping track of my own thoughts and feelings. I am on a journey to becoming a positive thinker and looking after my own wellbeing.

I have two beautiful girls Miss C who is 12 and Miss M who is 7. They are both on the spectrum so structure and routine in my home is a must.

My hubby (Mr B), is an Electrician. Sundays are our family day together.

I work as a Teaching Assistant which is my full time job. It allows me to be around for my children when they need me.

I love reading murder mystery books, cheesy Vampire or witchy books. I love both the Twilight Saga, Fifty Shades and John Grisham books. I don’t enjoy or read lovey dovey chick books.

I also love bags and boots, they are my absolute weakness! Oh and chocolate cake 🙂