My January wellbeing goals 2018

| Rach's Monthly wellbeing goals

I think my wellbeing is very important to help aid my mental health, I like to keep track of my own personal thoughts and feelings. To listen to my body and take time to think about myself. Having two children myself and working I know how difficult this can be.

One thing I have started doing is making a list of goals that I would like to work on monthly. I don’t mean stats and followers, I mean personal goals.

My goals for January are pretty basic but things I really need to work on for my own personal development. I am pretty sure some, if not all of these these will carry on throughout the year until I’ve nailed them.


My goal this month is remembering I have so much to be grateful for. I regularly forget these and end up dwelling on what I don’t have. Bad right? Yep I can come across so selfish and ungrateful. This needs to stop.

  • My happy healthy daughter’s
  • My supportive hubby
  • Our health
  • Our home
  • My job, I struggle with this one. I have so many pro’s to appreciate my job yet I find myself wishing I did something else but don’t know what that something is. I am a Teaching Assistant so I work term time only, school hours and work with a great team.
  • Family, I have such a loving family
  • Friends. Again I struggle here, I have social anxiety and sometimes I come across rude but they understand me and have never let me down or turned their backs on me.

Time to kick start changing my fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

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