My growth set mind map for 2018

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I really wanted to create some kind of growth set mind map.  The words I regularly hear, read, nod along with and then do nothing to actually achieve them. I feel like they aren’t accessible for me, that they are just bloody hard to reach.

I was told at Christmas to my face by a good and honest friend that I have a fixed mind set. Although having a fixed mind set is a good thing (at times), it’s not good or healthy to have all the time. I’ve read up on having a fixed mind set, guess what…. I tick nearly if not all the boxes. My confidence is pants, I run from any sign of learning something that I find difficult. I don’t face my fear, it’s much easier to run away and hide. It’s not helpful. I need to get in touch with myself and find out where it all changed and went wrong in my 20’s.

I have created my mind map to help my positive mindset for 2018. I have been jotting down things that really matter and things I need to concentrate on mentally to aid my development of growing a growth mindset.

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